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ALG Forecasts Best Resale Value for 2017 Toyota Tundra Among Full-Size Pickups

Many factors contribute to how much you can expect a buyer to pay for your vehicle. What model-year is it? Is it the same as the current generation, or has the model received a major redesign making the older version less desirable? What condition is it is? How many miles have you put on it? Even superficial details like the paint color can impact resale value.

However, when all else is equal, the anticipated reliability of the vehicle makes the biggest difference. It's no wonder the 2017 Toyota Tundra was given the best predicted retained value by ALG.


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New 2018 Toyota Camry is Coming to Del Toyota This Summer!

Get ready, because something wild is coming to Del Toyota. It's not the thrill-inducing 86. It's not the fashion-forward C-HR. You might never guess where the next exhilarating addition is coming from, because it has never before fit the bill of "exhilarating."

It's the 2018 Toyota Camry.

You heard right—the next-generation Toyota Camry is almost here, and it's bringing with it some amazing changes that will shake up everything you think you know about the Camry.

  • Lower profile
  • Lower center of gravity
  • Longer wheelbase
  • 30-percent more rigid
  • New suspension
  • New eight-speed transmission
  • More responsive steering…
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Don't Forget About Your Brakes!

It's easy to get bogged down with the things that go on in our everyday lives, but the important things should take a front seat. That includes making sure that your vehicle is performing to the best of its ability. There plenty of things that can go wrong with your vehicle, but one of the most important things that should never go wrong is your brake system.


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Determining Which Type of Oil is Best

Many people don't know the difference synthetic and conventional oil, or which one is best for their vehicle. Motor oil is works to protect your vehicle from harmful contaminants while assisting in providing friction-free movement of the parts inside the motor. Typically your owner's manual will inform you of which type of oil your vehicle takes. 

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It's Not a Mirage, it's a Mirai

Many automotive engineers believe that hydrogen fuel cell technology is the future for cars. Of course, ongoing joke is that no matter what the year, hydrogen fuel cell technology is always "five years away." Toyota aims to finally change that with its flagship hydrogen fuel cell car, the 2017 Toyota Mirai..


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A New Kind of RAV4

Toyota constantly adapts to a changing market. They continue to change up their crossover SUV, never content to rest on their laurels. 2017 brings a host of few features and a new model, the 2017 Toyota RAV4 Platinum.


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Categories: States Case for Stunning 2017 Toyota Highlander

If you've been scouring the full-size SUV segment for your next vehicular purchase, we here at Del Toyota Inc. would love an opportunity to introduce you to ours, the 2017 Highlander.

Will you two hit it off like we imagine you might?

Make that determination by watching the video below. critic Mark Williams is here to provide you with the need-to-know details about the latest Highlander:

No doubt one of our favorites of the Highlander fleet, the mid-level XLE model delivers style and substance in spades.

Standard amenities on this iteration include a sunroof, roof rails, keyless…

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Fresh-Faced 2017 Toyota Corolla Wins Big with

While we here at Del Toyota Inc. are not typically ones to play favorites, there are, admittedly, some rides on the roster that simply tend to stand out just a bit more than the others.

And, by all accounts, the 2017 Corolla, the Japanese automaker's compact sedan, is one such vehicle.

And if you're at all wondering what makes it so, we encourage you to scope the clip below. Here today to deliver the need-to-know details about the latest Corolla is Managing Editor Jodi Lai:

Drivers seeking a more performance-oriented feel from the Corolla are sure…

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2017 Highlander Earns IIHS TSP+ Award with Standard Equipment

While most vehicles in the industry only qualify for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's highest Top Safety Pick+ award with higher trim levels and options, the 2017 Toyota Highlander earns the coveted designation with standard equipment.

In a press release from yesterday, Toyota announced that the IIHS awarded Highlander with a 2017 Tope Safety Pick+ Award. With the recognition, Toyota pushes its TSP+ count to 10 across Toyota and Lexus models...

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2018 Toyota Camry Makes a Stylish Entrance in Detroit

The presence of the Camry in Toyota’s lineup is about as reliable and constant as the sunrise. But in recent years, the Japanese automaker has put in quite a bit of work to make it more stylish. At the Detroit Auto Show today, they took the wraps off the 2018 Camry, which is all-new from the ground up, and makes some pretty exciting promises.

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