Traveling with Fido

Traveling with pets can be an exciting adventure, and serves as a great way to make a family vacation even more fun for the entire family. Although it can be entertaining, it can also be a lot of work. In order to avoid damaging the interior of your vehicle in Fido's excitement and to save the seats from hair, you should take a pet carrier or at least cover the seats with some old blankets or sheets. This will make cleanup much easier when you return home.

Del Toyota offers many large SUVs and vehicles that are perfect for fitting a comfortably sized pet carrier in the back so that Fido can have the space and safety of an enclosed space to travel in. A secure crate still serves as the most safe place for your pet to ride in your vehicle, much like your child’s safety seat helps to keep your child secure in the vehicle. Be sure to pack your dog's favorite toys and blanket or pillow. Your pet will also need plenty of bathroom breaks so leave extra time to make extra stops.

Find a new Toyota SUV or sedan to accommodate Fido’s crate and all of your luggage this holiday when you visit Del Toyota in Thorndale, PA!

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