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What Does This Family Love About Their Prius?

Here at Del Toyota Inc., we know that all kinds of drivers can enjoy the Toyota Prius. It's incredibly efficient, surprisingly spacious, and super safe. We sometimes hear talk about the Prius appealing to a certain type of driver, but we know that it can appeal to anyone with a license.

The family in the video below is a pretty good example of this. They are the kind of people you would expect to…

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Parents and Teens Form Good Driving Habits with Toyota

Are you a good driver? Are you a safe driver? Of course, we all want to believe the answer is a resounding "yes" but, sometimes, we aren't aware of all our bad habits behind the wheel. Our favorite Japanese automaker has set out to show parents just how receptive their children are; their teens pick up not only the good habits they display but also the bad. Take a look at the video below…

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