Transforming the Mid-Size Pickup, Toyota Tacoma

Toyota first sold a pickup in 1969, it wasn't the Tacoma though, it was a small truck called the Hilux. The Hilux was Toyota's pickup truck until 1995 when the Tacoma model replaced, the American version of the Hilux, the Toyota Pickup.

The Tacoma joined the lineup with a larger body and better styling than the Toyota Pickup. Having a stronger focus on comfort, ride quality, and safety the Tacoma was designed with drivers at the heart.

Today the Tacoma has undergone yet another transformation. Looking more rugged than ever and solidifying itself as a high-quality mid-size pickup when it won 4X4 of the year in 2016. The newest line of Tacoma trucks come in a variety of styles, including the TRD off-road edition.

The TRD is a sophisticated truck with the ability to tackle just about anything thrown at it. This is a mid-size truck that can conquer the path less traveled. With Crawl Control that modulates throttle and brakes automatically so you can focus on terrain. And, Multi-terrain selection that allows you to toggle between five different modes that automatically adjust traction control and engine throttle.

If you're interested in a mid-size pickup that is versatile and comfortable, come test drive one of our many Tacoma trucks here in Thorndale, PA.

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