Toyota C-HR Exterior Features

If you are looking for a sub-compact SUV that is unlike any of its competitors on the market right now, then you should stop down to Del Toyota Inc. to take a look at the Toyota C-HR. This is a vehicle that is very sporty on the exterior but has plenty of comfort on the inside. Of course, the exterior of a vehicle is what you notice first when you are shopping around for something new, and there are a number of different features you will see on the C-HR such as:

  • An aerodynamic rear diffuser on the lower end of the vehicle.
  • A rear lip spoiler on the back of the vehicle.
  • A vortex generator.
  • Underbody panels designed with aerodynamics in mind.
  • Front wheel spats.
  • Rear wheel spats.
Stop down to Del Toyota Inc. if you are interested in finding out more about the Toyota C-HR. Built to last and keep you safe, this is a front runner in the subcompact category.




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