When To Stop Trying to Jumpstart Your Car

Although no one likes to be stranded due to a dead battery, you’ll want to know not only what you can do to jumpstart your car in this situation, but also when to stop trying to avoid doing more damage.

If you find yourself with a dead battery but are fortunate enough to have jumper cables or find someone else who has them, you can try the steps in your owner’s manual to start your vehicle. Be sure to follow safety precautions, and you can try to troubleshoot problems by switching the ground point or reattaching cables a few times. However, if jumpstarting fails to work after multiple attempts, you may have a damaged, shorted battery or other electrical issues.

If you suspect that jumpstarting the vehicle is not possible, have your car towed to Del Toyota Inc. in Thorndale. Our professionals can check out your vehicle as well as repair or replace your battery if needed.

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