Toyota Prius c Comes with Countless Safety Features

These safety features are why the Toyota Prius C is considered a popular compact hybrid hatchback

The new Toyota Prius C has the Lane-Keeping System working hard to monitor the exact position of the vehicle to the road. If the vehicle drifts over a lane line, the steering wheel will begin to vibrate in an effort to get the attention of the driver so they are able to make the corrections needed to avoid trouble.

The Pre-Collision Assist feature that is equipped in the Toyota Prius C makes use of radar technology to scan the road ahead and identify if there is a risk of collision. If detected, the drive is first alerted with visual alerts before the brakes begin to pre-charge and assist with bringing the vehicle to a complete stop.

In order to discover why other motorists rate this Toyota Prius C so highly, simply drive down to Del Toyota Inc. to take one on the road and give it a test drive.



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