Several Styles of Truck Cabs Explained

Different truck brands often use different terminology to describe the styles of truck cabs that exist, and dealers often like for prospective trucks owners to be informed about these all of these differences. Read on to make sense of the seemingly complicated terminology.

It's somewhat intuitive, but a regular cab is also referred to as a standard cab. Trucks with a standard cab have just one row of seating. Double or quad cabs are the essentially the same type. Trucks with quad cabs have 4 doors. It's not surprising since quad is the Latin root word for four. However, only two of the 4 doors are fully functioning. A crew or crewmax cab has 4 standard, fully-functioning doors.

Getting a firsthand feel for these differences is the best way to fully understand the styles of truck cabs available to consumers. Come visit Del Toyota Inc. to test drive a truck today.



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