The Powerful And Aerodynamic Toyota Avalon

You may think that Toyota's largest car is the Camry. There is a sedan larger than that. It's called the Toyota Avalon, and it is available at Del Toyota. The Avalon is a spacious and elegant vehicle with many top-notch features for you to enjoy. The Avalon is also a vehicle with a powerful engine and an aerodynamic design.

The aerodynamic qualities of a vehicle help it to have more fuel-efficient performance, and they help the vehicle to deliver a quieter ride. The Toyota Avalon has important aerodynamic design qualities that include both tangential vents and a rear diffuser. These features reduce the overall drag on the Avalon.

The Toyota Avalon is equipped with a powerful yet efficient engine. The standard engine is a 3.5-liter V6 that will provide you with 301 horsepower. The engine features variable valve timing that helps increase the average mpg to 31 on the highway.


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