Check Out These Safety Features in the All-New Toyota C-HR

The new Toyota C-HR is now available at Del Toyota Inc. and we couldn't be more excited to pass along some information on the safety features that make this the popular subcompact SUV of the year.

The Toyota C-HR utilizes the Blind Spot Information System for helping a driver to identify when it is safe to change lanes. If another vehicle is in a blind spot behind you, the side mirrors on your car start flashing so you know there is something behind you and which lane they are traveling so you can hold your position.

With the Cross-Traffic Alert system, the new Toyota C-HR is able to help a driver to navigate more easily and safely while in reverse. Shift the vehicle into reverse, the alert feature is activated automatically, scanning both sides of the road to make sure no other vehicle will be moving into your path as you continue to move backward.



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