The Toyota Yaris Side Mirrors

Whoever said that subcompact cars don't offer convenience features clearly hasn't seen the new Yaris. This popular car from Toyota is available with high-tech side mirrors that can enhance your daily commute through Thorndale.

Yaris LE and XLE models come standard with premium side mirrors at Del Toyota Inc.. These mirrors feature LED turn signal lights. The thin LED lights are integrated into the back of the mirror housing. Every time you switch the turn signal on, these lights will blink to let other drivers know where you plan to go. They're a functional feature that also enhances the look of your ride.

In addition to attractive lighting, these mirrors also have built-in heating elements. With a press of a button, the elements will get rid of fog and ice. The mirrors are also powered. This makes it easy to get the perfect viewing angle, allowing you to stay alert of your surroundings at all times.



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