Efficient and Strong Design of the Toyota Highlander

Do you want to take command of a sport utility vehicle that is not afraid to get on the hills in Thorndale? Then request a test drive in the Toyota Highlander from Del Toyota Inc. Featuring a mid-size platform from previous generations, this versatile SUV runs on signature mechanical technology, such as the VVT-i system in the valvetrain of the 2.7 L and 3.5 L engine blocks. Both of the gasoline powertrain units also have the DOHC parts in the valves. Additionally, the classic Atkinson Cycle defines the combustion under the hood of this premium Toyota model.

The Highlander could be equipped with a hybrid system that uses a smart combination of electrical power and gasoline under various driving conditions. You have the chance to conserve fuel by turning on the EV Mode or ECO Mode on the highway. Additionally, the POWER Mode maximizes the output from the hybrid powertrain that comes with dual electric motors.



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