Hybrids and Fuel Efficiency

Hybrids and electric cars are great when it comes to fuel efficiency, but you might not be getting your full value from them if you do not keep them serviced. Hybrids are an amazing feat of engineering, with complex, precision parts. This also means that they are sensitive to dirt and debris that can cut their fuel efficiency.

It is not just hybrids and electrics that get better fuel efficiency when they are properly maintained and serviced. Clogged fuel filters, clogged air filters, dirty oil, and other missed maintenance prevent the engine from running at its maximum efficiency. One of the first signs that cars give that it is time for some routine maintenance is a drop in gas mileage. Following the recommended schedule for your hybrid will save at the pump.

Call the professionals at Del Toyota so that that their team can get your car in top shape for maximum fuel economy.


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