We already know why Toyota Tundra is such an enormously popular full-size pickup: it tows and hauls like it's nobody's business, handles like a champ and gets good mileage. Late-model Tundra also boast the kinds of advanced technology features that make the tech gurus on our Del Toyota team very excited.

Personal Wi-Fi Network

Thanks to the Toyota App, Toyota Tundra can become your very own mobile hotspot. Up to five devices can connect, and the network delivers 4G connectivity powered by AT&T. Download your favorite road trip media, or pull up to a quiet spot and get a little online research done under the stars.

Connection to Safety

?Tundra's advanced tech isn't just for convenience or fun. Its Automatic Collision Notification alerts Toyota's 24/7 response center after an airbag deploys. Similarly, an in-cabin Emergency Assistance Button puts you in contact with the response center, giving you access to medical or emergency services quickly. You're invited to our Thorndale dealership today for a Toyota Tundra test drive. We look forward to chatting with you.


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